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I recently had to find a locksmith for a friend outside of London. It was around 10.00pm and I didn’t know anybody in her area, so I went online to look.

Immediately I found ten locksmith websites who claimed to be 24/7 operators and began calling them.

Call 1: Ring, ring. No answer.

Call 2: Ring, ring. No answer.

Call 3: Ring, ring. No answer.

Call 4: Ring, ring. No answer.

Call 5: Ring, ring. No answer.

I took a break, and after a couple of minutes one of the five locksmiths called me back to tell me he was fully booked.

“Uh oh,” I thought. “How will I ever find my friend a locksmith like this!”

I kept trying:

Call 6: Ring, ring. No answer.

Call 7: Ring, ring. Connection!

At last, somebody picks up the phone, and – better yet – he’s keen to work!

It’s not easy being a 24/7 locksmith, and I can understand why some switch off or ignore their phones at night, but on the other hand it’s not so good for a person in an emergency.

That’s why Metrolocks is always reachable, at any time of day on any day. We always pick up the phone, at Christmas, NYE, on Sunday, Bank Holidays and any other special day you can think of.

We love working out of hours, because it gives us a time to shine where others don’t even pick up the phone. Property managers and others can call us and rest easy, knowing that their job is in safe hands.

On top of that, the streets of London are completely empty at night, meaning we can reach you even faster than normally!

And you might learn to love out of hours call-outs, too.

Being stuck outside in the evening may not seem fun at the outset, but it’s not all bad: there’s an opportunity to break your routine, to go out and have a coffee in that café you’ve always wanted to go to but never had the chance.

You can visit a local library or hang out with your neighbour.

I would hardly be surprised if people had found true love that way, in the past, all thanks to being locked out at night.

The very fact that you can’t get into your flat can give you an excuse simply to switch off for an hour, and relax.

Remember that Tube strike a couple of years back? To everyone’s surprise, commuters actually benefited from the strike: they were forced to break their routine and try out different routes to get to work, which resulted in a great many speeding up their commute overall.

Why should an evening call-out be any different?

So next time you’re in trouble, remember that it’s not always all bad.

Your Greatest London Locksmith.

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