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When you’re in need of locksmith services in the Greenwich area look no further than our professional locksmiths at 1st Metro Locksmiths. Our fully accredited locksmiths proudly serve Greenwich and the surrounding locations, including Lambeth, New Cross, Crystal Palace, Camberwell, Deptford, Grove Park, and the other SE postcode locations.

Whether you’re looking for general lock replacements, or something more tailored, like a key cutting service or an access panel installation, 1st Metro can handle the job. As an added convenience we can also give you a free quote over the phone, so you’ll have a good idea of what the job will cost you. Put your faith in our Greenwich locksmiths and call us on 0800 980 7212, or contact us through our online enquiry form.

Serving the Greenwich Area

Locksmiths are generally called to handle broken locks, or are asked to change existing locks for one reason or another. At 1st Metro we gladly handle these security cases, but we also offer a wide range of other locksmith services in and around Greenwich. We can help you open a personal safe, or lockbox, for which you may have lost the keys or combination, or we can install an intercom system in your home or office.

Many of our customers want an intercom installed in their office building or apartment complex in order to allow people outside of the building to communicate with those inside the building. This is great for making sure all guests have permission to enter your building. You can also have video intercom systems installed so you can see the people visiting. This type of system can provide your property with dramatically enhanced security capability.

In addition to these services we also offer full locksmith services for large complexes that may have multiple security features. For example, if you own an office building that has traditional locks, electronic access panels, intercoms, and key fob reader systems, and you have multiple issues that need repair, we will handle all in one visit for a fair rate. For clients like this we also have memberships available in order to offer a more comprehensive service, and more predictable cost on their part.

No matter the type of service you contact us for we’ll deliver fast solutions that are implemented professionally.

Greenwich Crime Statistics

If you live in Greenwich, and are concerned about your security, consider these crime statistics provided by the Metropolitan Police. Greenwich is considered to have an average crime rate, but from the month of September of 2014 to the month of October of 2014 crime declined from a 7.14 rate to a 6.96 rate in terms of notifiable offences. When broken down further, you’ll see that the trend of crime from 2013 to 2014 tells a slightly different story. The crime rate in Greenwich went up in both August and September of 2014 when compared to the same months in the previous year. October, however, saw a slight dip in crime from 2013 to 2014.

While these numbers are an aggregate of all crimes in the borough this may be enough for you to consider boosting your security measures in your home or business premises. The Greenwich locksmiths of 1st Metro will gladly help you with this task by providing you with better locks, or a more advanced security system. Call us today to discuss how to better secure your property.

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Accredited by Constructionline

Accredited by Constructionline

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Vetted by Safecontractor

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Member of ALOA Locksmiths Association