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We were recently ordered on a repossession call-out by a bailiff. Repossessions only happen once the bailiff has obtained a High Court order to allow the job to take place.

Since it’s tough to evict people when they’re in the building, a lot of repossessions (or repos, as we call them) take place in the middle of the night. The locksmith will open and replace any locks on the external doors, making sure the tenants can’t get in when they show up for work the next morning.

Our engineer was busy drilling locks at 1am, when somebody from nearby phoned the police. They thought the locksmith and bailiff were burglars.

The pair were paid a visit by the Fuzz who immediately arrested both, without asking any questions!

Once at the police station, the copper called through to our head office to check out what’s going on. We confirmed that we’re on a legitimate repossession. The bailiff, too, had his High Court paperwork with him to prove that all is well.

After an apology from a slightly red-faced constable, the locksmith and bailiff got back to work, changing several locks and fitting a few padlocks, and the whole thing was over by 3am.

Strange things happen in London at night, even for locksmiths!