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The moment has finally arrived. We’ve tried for years, but finally we can clone Paxton fobs and cards!

Paxton fobs generally run on a frequency of 125kHz which is the standard frequency for basics RFID fobs. The catch is that Paxton fobs are encrypted, which has meant, for a long time, that we couldn’t copy them.

As of last week, we can copy Paxtons without any trouble.

(Click here to find out more about our fob-copying service.)

Even Net2?

Paxton has two types of fob system: standalone (often known as Compact or Switch2) and a networked one (known as Net2) that runs using computers.

While Net2 and Switch2 fobs aren’t cross-compatible, our device can copy both kinds.

What about cards?

Some installations use cards instead of the classic bullet-shaped fob design. We can copy these, too. (Though we can only copy onto the bullet-shaped fob.)

Does this mean I don’t need shadow cards?

That’s right. Before, the only way to add new fobs was to use programming cards and shadow cards. While the system of shadow cards can be quite practical, it’s very common that the cards go missing over time so that it’s no longer possible to add fobs to the system.

With our machine, we can make exact clones of your existing fobs. This means that they’ll open all the same doors as your existing fob. However, if someone deactivates the shadow card on your system, every clone of the fob will stop working, too.

Thankfully, most people only get copies made because the shadow cards have gone missing. As such, the risk of being deprogrammed is small.

My Paxton fob has a coloured ring around it…

All Paxton fobs are black with a coloured ring around the centre. The ring can be green, orange, red, yellow and blue. (There may be more colours out there.)

It doesn’t matter what colour the ring is: we can copy it, so long as it’s a Paxton fob.

If you have any questions about your fob, or if you’re not sure whether it’s a Paxton or something else, just get in touch!

For more info about fobs, get in touch