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We’re proud to announce the launch of a new website, welovekeys.co.uk. We Love Keys is the best and fastest way to get replacement ABUS keys, with low prices and short lead times.

Why should I care?

ABUS replacement keys have for years been notoriously difficult to get. It usually requires customers – loyal ABUS customers who like their products – to go on wild goose chases, depending on the type of key they have.

Don’t get me wrong: ABUS makes great products, and it’s no wonder they’re so popular, but it’s about time the replacement key problem were fixed.

Now, with We Love Keys, the whole process is much simpler. The website offers a comprehensive list of different types of ABUS key, and most of them can be made in the UK with a short lead time (most keys are sent on the day of the order).

Even if your key isn’t listed on the main products page, the team at We Love Keys knows the ropes, and will be able to find out about your key in no time.

Who is We Love Keys for?

We Love Keys is a platform for everybody and anybody with an ABUS lock. We’re happy to sell to end-users and other suppliers, including bike shop owners and fellow locksmiths.

Does We Love Keys do anything else?

We sell a couple of other keys there, notably Sudhaus luggage keys and TESA T60 keys.

In future, there’ll be some ABUS bike locks and padlocks on there, too.

Looking for ABUS replacement keys?

Try the brand new We Love Keys website today. We promise you won’t be disappointed!