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Keys can be a messy business, especially if they’re for things we don’t use so often. I’ve never lost my house key, but I’ve certainly misplaced the key to that filing cabinet I never need to lock.

“Doesn’t matter,” I tell myself, “I won’t ever need to lock it.”

Except all of a sudden we do need to lock that cabinet: one day, for example, your insurers say that they can’t insure you unless you lock everything up properly.

But how will you lock anything up without a key?

Fortunately, most office furniture manufacturers supply products (we’re talking cabinets, cupboards, desk drawers, lockers and mail boxes) where it’s quite simple to get a key copied.

The trick is to look for a number on the key hole

Most brands* of lock for furniture items will have a short number/code stamped on the keyhole, e.g. ‘312’, ‘18544’ or ‘FM002’. From this information, we’re able to produce a key, even if you don’t have an original key for us to copy. Neat, huh?

Once you know your code number, just fill in our key enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with a cost and a lead time for your key.

Yes, it’s that simple!

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* These brands include (but aren’t limited to): Arregui, Bisley, BMB, Burg, Chubb, Cyber Lock, DAMS, Eurolocks, Häfele, Henderson, Huwil, JU, Kinnarps, Knoll, Las, Lowe & Fletcher (L&F), Meroni, MLM Lehmann, Ojmar, Renz, Ronis, Steel-Line, Thule, Triump, Union, Vickers and West Alloy.

But what if there’s no number?

This is the part where it gets a little more complicated. Consider the two possibilities in the list below:

  • Does your neighbour’s mail box/locker look identical? If neighbouring mail boxes or lockers look identical, the chances are that they use the same type of key. On that basis, it might be possible to supply a master key for all the lockers, which would enable you to remove the lock without a key and replace it.
  • Not all locks have master keys, and not everyone likes the security risks associated with them.
  • Is there a concierge/porter/facilities manager who has a spare? This might be your winning ticket. They can supply you with the key or indeed the key code number and you can get your copy made.

Failing this, chances are you’re best off by calling a locksmith to open the lock and replace the barrel.

Fortunately, most of the time this isn’t necessary. Phew!

Looking for a fast replacement key service?

No key order is too big or too small for Metrolocks, and we’ll make sure you get the service you deserve.