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Problem: This particular lady was employed to manage a large London office block. Office blocks can engender enormous amounts of locksmith work. Her requirements in 2014 so far were indeed multi-facetted:

1) Masterkey suites, extend old ones, supply and install new ones; 2) Provide office furniture keys; 3) Fit access control gear to various areas; 4) Develop intricate solutions to secure roof hatches; 5) Survey 234 doors, with a view to pre-empt any health and safety issues; 6) Develop a car park access control solution; 7) Supply and install digital locks

Solution: According to her, our key factors of success were:

1) The delivery of good locksmith work; 2) Timely reporting to her about the status of each job; 3) Be nimble, be quick; 4) A deep respect for health and safety considerations.

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