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Problem: This apartment block management company had recently been awarded the contract for a 50 unit modern block of flats. The block sported a very attractive roof garden, which turned out to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

After a while tenants noticed non-tenants were frequently taking delight in the discreetness of the roof-garden. Things gradually got worse, non-tenants were leaving rubbish everywhere and playing games in the stairways.

The main culprit turned out to be the keypad entry system on the main entrance door. The keypad’s entry code had over time become known to a fair few in the local community, who then used it to gain access to the roof garden.

Solution: The management company called Metrolocks to discuss a solution. At Metrolocks, we had seen similar problems before, a keypad code is easy and sort of risk-free to hand out to others. We suggested a fob reader, with a fob to be given to each tenant.

The fob needs to be held up to the fob reader near the main door to release the lock. A fob would not just be handed out to any 3rd party. Fobs aren’t cheap to replace, and they are, after all, the tenant’s only means of access in to his building.

The strategy worked and dramatically reduced the number of undesirables in the roof garden and the stairways.

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