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Problem: Home carers need easy access to their clients’ homes, simply because the clients can’t always open the door to let their carer in.

There are many solutions, at times the client’s doors are simply open, neighbours act as keyholders, keys are put under the door mat, etc.

Solution: One carer agency wanted to streamline the access process.

After discussing their requirements with Metrolocks, they decided to give their clients 2 options: They could fit a simple digital latchlock to the door, for which the carer would be given the code.

The alternative was a little keysafe, to be fitted to the wall outside. The keysafe is locked with a code-lock, to which again the carer would be given the code. In the keysafe were the keys to open the client’s property.

As a result we fitted 18 digital locks and 32 keysafes.

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