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Problem: This property manager ran a huge multi-storied former warehouse, let to numerous and ever changing tenants. The problem was the access via the intercom system.

The current traditional multi-button intercom panel kept on breaking down through the sheer volume of use it received. Also, the space allocation within the building kept on changing, offices were enlarged, reduced, combined, made open plan etc.

That then required the intercom telephone handsets to be moved frequently. It was near enough a full time job for an intercom engineer.

Solution: The Metrolocks engineer installed a telephone based intercom system:

Via a stainless steel hard wearing outside keypad, visitors would type in their desired destination. The intercom system then makes a BT-type phone call to the destination office’s telephone system.

The receptionist or whoever answers the call and opens the door from remote.

This new telephone line based intercom works a treat, there were neither complaints nor any call-backs. The system will last, because it has hardly any moving parts and uses only very little cabling.

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