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Hooply Replacement Keys – A challenge for most, but not for us!

They’re difficult for most key-cutters, but at Metrolocks we can copy Hooply keys without any fuss.

What are Hooply keys?

Hooply keys are very common in the UK. They are so-called dimple keys – these are long keys with dimples (i.e. holes) drilled into them.

Often, Hooply keys have a plastic top with a logo on, as well as H1, H2, M1 or M2. That said, not all Hooply keys have plastic parts; many are made entirely out of metal.

Also not all keys have the word Hooply written on them. Some are marked Wanjin, Huazhuo, Junson, Zhongheng, Baodean, Mingbang and Dikailun.

What do they look like?

There are lots of types of Hooply key. Below is a small gallery of a few different types of key (the list is by no means exhaustive). If you’re unsure whether we can copy your key, simply send a few photos of your key to team@metrolocks.co.uk, and we’ll be able to tell you straight away.

Here’s what they look like:

Why are they so hard to get copied?

There are two reasons why many key-cutters struggle to duplicate these keys:

  1. The key-cutter does not have the right key blanks: the blanks (uncut keys) needed to reproduce these keys are often difficult to come by, and not all locksmiths have them (we have basically all of them).
  2. The key-cutter doesn’t have the right machine: the most common keys in the UK are Yale-style keys and Chubb-type keys. Dimple keys are much rarer, and require a special drilling machine.

At Metrolocks, we’re kitted out to copy most kinds of Hooply key. We have the drilling machine and we have the key blanks (subject to stock).


The first thing to do is to send us photos using our online enquiry form. We’ll be able to advise the next step.

For about 70% of Hooply keys, we can copy them without needing your key with us.

If we do need your key with us, below are the options.


Come visit us!

Our London workshop (address below) is open weekdays and some weekends 9am–5pm.

We’re open late sometimes. It’s best to ring us in advance to find out: 020 7608 0809.

We’re easily reachable by Tube, train, bus or car.

Can’t visit? Send us your key in the post

You’re always welcome to mail us your key (address below).

Please include your name, preferred delivery address and telephone number in your envelope. If you’re unsure about anything, please call 020 7608 0809.

Click here for instructions on the safest way to put keys in the post.

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