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A German chap came into our office once and was looking for some back door security advice. He had just moved to London from Germany, and couldn’t understand British home security:

“You all put so much effort into keeping your front doors secure,” he started, “but your back doors are a disgrace!”

I hate to admit it, but our security-conscious visitor was dead right. It may be hard to break into a stout, stiff-upper-lip, British front door, but a great many back doors, patio doors, garden doors and side doors can be entered without much of a fuss.

Sort it out, people!

First up, keep them locked! Too many people don’t even lock their back door, even if they’re equipped with lovely locks.

Next, consider fitting an additional lock to it, to make it a bit more like a front door. The low-budget version is to fit rack bolts, which are often suited to back doors, while a nice, juicy deadlock wouldn’t hurt, either.

If nothing else, replace whatever’s in there right now for a high-security cylinder.

There are probably loads of ways for a burglar to get into your house. The key is to make each way unattractive, so that the burglar will rob the neighbours instead. Most burglars are opportunistic. If they see an ill-guarded back door or a window that’s always open, they’re bound to give your home a shot.

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