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Cutting Keys for Yachts and Boats

As an island nation, we Brits enjoy a lot of recreational sailing. But it doesn’t stop there: the UK is home to thousands of house boats that house people up and down our expansive canal system.

As such, it’s not all that uncommon for us to hear the words, “Do you cut keys for boats?” (I’ve been in this business so long that I’m no longer even surprised to hear the question, “Can you make keys for my aeroplane?”!)

Wait, do boats really need keys?

Yes, absolutely, boats need keys! Not all boats need ignition keys, but there are often other uses for locks on them.

A ship or a yacht might have several rooms or storage units on the decks that need to be locked.

“But why aren’t they just normal keys?” I knew you’d ask me that! Ships often have special locks on them because the sea is a cruel mistress. Harsh weather conditions and salty sprays mean that even good quality stainless steel will corrode easily. Marine locks are made of a special kind of steel that provides maximum protection against the elements.

(The photo above shows the Drake Passage, a passage between South America and Antarctica, purported to be the roughest patch of sea there is. You can see why special locks are useful!)

Since these keys are quite specialised, most key-cutters won’t be able to make replacements. Nevertheless, at Metrolocks we can cut most kinds of key for ships, boats, yachts, and even jet skis.

Jeanneau keys

Jeanneau is a French lockmaker specialising in locks for yachts and boats. We can make copies of Jeanneau keys without much ado. Kindly get in touch with us via our key-cutting form and we’ll find you a solution.

CAS keys

CAS is another brand of specialist marine locks common in yachts. The keys are usually quite little, looking like no more than a simple filing cabinet key. We can offer solutions for CAS keys, too. Write to us and we’ll tell you how.

TrioVing keys

TrioVing is a Norwegian brand that makes marine locks not only for ships and boats, but also for homes located on the coast. Scotland in particular has a lot of TrioVing locks all over the place.

You can order TrioVing D12 keys from our sister website, We Love Keys, here. The lead time on these is very fast.

Keys for British Waterways

British Waterways keys aren’t exactly keys for boats, but they’re extremely useful for people who live on house boats.

These keys will unlock all kinds of facilities along the canal system, like some gates, locks (as in canal locks) and bathrooms. An indispensible asset for any house boater. We can make copies of these for you, too. Just get in touch via our key-cutting form and we’ll offer you a solution.

It’s a wide world out there, and there’s a lot of peculiar applications for locks and keys. Nonetheless, we at Metrolocks have a knack for making copies of obscure and strange keys, and won’t shy away from any challenge you present us with!

Looking for keys for your boat?

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