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Copy Gate Remotes and Fobs Super-fast with Metrolocks!

We can duplicate most of Britain’s remote controls for gates and garages, as well as other fobs.

See below for more info, or call us on 020 7608 0809!


1. Show Us Your Remote

Send us a photo of your gate remote, and we’ll say if we can copy it. Usually the answer is YES!

2. We Make a Copy

The cloning process usually takes no more than about five minutes. (You don’t need to visit us in every case.)

3. Smile!

You now have a brand new remote and don’t need to share with anybody. Hooray!

(If your fob does not have buttons on it, then please click here.)


There are countless different remotes that we can copy. In fact, we can do about 90% of the remotes on the market.

Here are some of the more common brands, though please send us a photo of your remote if you’re not sure, to team@metrolocks.co.uk.

(This list is for gate remotes. If you need a copy of a fob without buttons, please click here.)

The list above only shows some of the more common remotes out there. Please get in touch if your remote isn’t shown above.


There are two things that can happen next, all depending on your remote:

  • We can program your remote if you bring or mail us your current remote
  • We can, in some cases, send you a blank remote that is easy to program onto your system

The best thing to do is to get in touch using the form below. We’ll reply with a quote and the options available.

Send us a photo of your remote!


Can you copy my gate remote?

We can indeed copy the vast majority of remotes and fobs out there. The image gallery above is a just tiny portion of the ones we can do.

The easiest way to find out whether we can make a copy is by sending us a photo of your remote.

You can do this via the enquiry form above this FAQ section, or by sending an email to team@metrolocks.co.uk.

How long does it take?

It’s very fast. It usually takes under five minutes to clone a remote, so you’d not be waiting very long.

If you send us your fob, normally we can send it back to you on the same day that we receive it.

Where do you ship to?

We ship nationwide and worldwide, and offer all manner of postal services, including special delivery and courier delivery.

If you’re in Canada, we’d like to recommend our fob copying partner, FobToronto.

Do I have to come and visit?

You don’t need to pay us a visit, necessarily.

You can send us your fob to copy, and we will send it back.

In some cases, we can also send you a blank remote control along with some easy-to-use programming instructions.

Can I bring you a blank remote to copy onto?

The answer is virtually always no, though there are one or two exceptions.

It’s normally simpler and cheaper not to buy your own remote to bring to us.

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