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Locksmiths in Hounslow, TW4

1st Metropolitan Locksmiths provide services to Hounslow and surrounding areas around the TW4 postcode

Our Locksmith Services in Hounslow

  • Emergency locksmith Service for locks, safes and doors with you within 1 hour
  • Access control and intercom system
  • Key-cutting by mail order, including high security and foreign keys, bulk key-cutting
  • Specialist products for access and security in the care-industry

Why choose Metro Locksmiths London?

  • Metrolocks’ prices are fair
  • Metrolocks’ locksmiths are very fast to turn up in an emergency
  • Metrolocks’ locksmiths do not do any unnecessary repairs
  • Metrolocks has unrivaled local coverage within Greater London and the surrounding Home Counties
  • Metrolocks provide intelligent solutions to tricky security related problems
  • Metrolocks’ locksmiths just get the job done and out of the way

To most people, a locksmith is merely someone, who opens a door in an emergency. That narrow view does not do justice to us, Metrolocks’ capabilities go a lot further than just opening doors quickly and efficiently.

Call us free on 0800 980 7212 or contact us online


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