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Locksmiths in Fulham, Parson’s Green, SW6

When you need a locksmith in Fulham, or the surrounding area, look no further than the professionals at 1st Metro Locksmiths. We offer a complete locksmith service, and provide you with solutions to all of your security issues. Our Fulham locksmiths have been helping Fulham and the nearby areas, including West Brompton, East Sheen, Tooting, Brixton, Wimbledon, and other SW postcodes, for many years.

“At 1st Metro we strive to provide you with a reliable, fast, quality service. For emergency calls our technicians can usually get to your location within in an hour. We understand that unexpected security problems can put a hold up your day, and cause a lot of stress, and we aim to get you back to normal as soon as possible. As an added convenience we also offer free estimates over the phone.

We are small local company, but we have all of the resources and experience of any nationally recognised chain. To see what our Fulham locksmiths can do for you contact us via phone on 0800 980 7212, or fill out one of our contact forms on this website.

Serving the Fulham Area

Most people think that a locksmith’s only job is to replace or repair a lock on a door, in a home, or office. Our Fulham locksmiths do a lot more than this. We can not only repair or replace locks for you, but can also help you get into a personal safe that you can no longer unlock, or help ramp up the security in your home or office.

For example, our Fulham locksmiths can help install access panels to your property for added security. You can have a keypad installed, or opt for a duty latch lock. We can also install fob reader systems, biometric readers (finger print readers), and card swiping systems if you prefer.

We can provide individualised service for large companies, mental health centres, government buildings, senior citizen facilities, and other specialised locations. No matter the client, we aim to offer a complete, efficient service, at a fair price; our Fulham locksmiths will talk through your plans with you and put into action the plan that you agree.

Fulham Crime Statistics

According to the Metropolitan Police, the crime rate in Fulham is considered to be around average. However, when looking at the numbers, it seems the number of notifiable crimes has increased since the 2013 reports. According to the statistics, crime in the months of August, September, and October from the year 2013 were lower than the numbers reported for the same months in 2014. In fact, the reported numbers for October of 2014 were significantly higher than those of 2013. In addition, the Metro Police also report a slight uptick in notifiable crimes from September 2014 (8.48 rate) to October 2014 (9.46 rate).

These numbers don’t necessarily mean that you’re in significant growing danger whilst living in Fulham or the surrounding areas, but the statistics do suggest a less than positive trend. If you’re security conscious, consider getting in touch with our locksmiths to better secure your home or business. Contact 1st Metro Locksmiths and get peace of mind.

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