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Locksmiths in Epsom, KT17

If you’re looking for professional locksmiths in Epsom look no further than the team of 1st Metro Locksmiths. We proudly serve the Epsom area, as well as the surrounding KT postcodes, including, but not limited to, Esher, Cobham, Weybridge, Chessington, East Mosley, and Kingston.

If you find yourself dealing with an unexpected security problem at your home, office, or even with your vehicle you can call our Epsom locksmiths any time of day, on 0800 980 7212, or contact us through our website or email.

Serving the Epsom Area

Some people think that a locksmith’s job is simply to help you change a lock, but our Epsom locksmiths are able to do so much more. We can help you after a break in, and change all of the locks to provide you with a renewed sense of security. Our locksmiths can also fit your home or office with an electronic access panel for additional security. We can help you if you lose your keys and need access to your home, or if an old key breaks off in a lock. Our locksmiths can even help if you have a personal safe that won’t open.

If you are the owner or manager of a building (residential or commercial) and have multiple security problems that need attention we can help you too. We will gladly handle all issues at one time and for a fair price. No matter what you need done our Epsom locksmiths will use their up to date knowledge to fix the problem properly, and quickly, so you can get back to your work or family.

At 1st Metro we employ over 40 fully accredited locksmiths who use intelligent solutions, and can solve even the most complicated security problems. We will always be clear when explaining our fees and will discuss our intentions before we carry out your work. You will know exactly what we are doing and what it is costing you..

Epsom Crime Statistics

In the last year Epsom ranked below the national average in terms of crime. According to the Surrey Police force’s website crime has also been on a steady decline since 2012. When compared to the crime reports from August and September of 2013 (120 and 100 respectively) there have actually been more reports of incidents in Epsom in 2014 (142 in August and 118 in September) despite the overall decline in crime on an annual basis.

These reports might be worrying, but you can ensure the safety of your property by enlisting the help of our Epsom locksmiths. We can fit your property with access panels, or stronger locks, for your peace of mind. Call us today!

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