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Residential Property Managers

Metrolocks, the locksmith of choice for Residential Property Managers

Residential Property Managers

What residential property managers value highly, when they deal with us:

  • A repair of a communal door lock is next to always preferable to a replacement
  • If a replacement is unavoidable, we’ll attempt to source and repin a lock-barrel, which can make use of the existing, outstanding keys
  • Extra keys for tenants are pre-distributed prior to the change of locks
  • Metrolocks is well experienced in upgrading from key systems on communal doors to fob readers
  • Metrolocks is available anywhere in Greater London and beyond – at short to very short notice
  • Innovative locking solutions
  •  Intercom system repairs are a daily feature on our agenda
  • A method statement and risk assessment can be on your desk at short notice
  • A strong bias for cost-effectiveness and value


Case Study 1:

This apartment block management company had recently been awarded the contract for a 50 unit modern block of flats.

The block sported a very attractive roof garden, which turned out to be the envy of the neighbourhood.

After a while tenants occasionally and then more frequently noticed non-tenants enjoying the roof-garden. Things gradually got worse, non-tenants were leaving rubbish everywhere and playing games in the stairways.

The main culprit turned out to be the keypad entry system on the main entrance door. The keypad’s entry code had over time become known to a fair few in the local community, who then used it to gain access to the roof garden.

The management company called Metrolocks to discuss a solution. At Metrolocks, we had seen similar problems before, a keypad code is easy and sort of risk-free to hand out to others.

We suggested a fob reader, with a fob to be given to each tenant. The fob needs to be held up to the fob reader near the main door to release the lock. The reasoning was, that a fob would not just be handed out to any 3rd party. They aren’t cheap to replace, and they are, after all, the tenant’s only means of access in to his building.

The strategy worked and reduced dramatically the number of undesirables in the roof garden and the stairways.

Case Study 2:

This block was in a socio-demographically improving area. The block’s management board decided to capitalise on that and to fit video intercom system, to replace their current clapped-out audio intercom system.

Occasional vandalism had been a problem in the area. The board was concerned, that a new and shiny big intercom panel with 47 call-buttons and a nifty integrated camera would virtually beg for vandalism.

Their other main concern was cost. Upgrading to a video system often requires a complete rewiring, unless…..well, read on.

After lengthy discussions, Metrolocks had the board agree a GSM based intercom system.

By the main entrance is a vandal resistant keypad with an in-built camera and an LED display.

The visitor will type the flat number in to the keypad. The keypad will then make a telephone call to the tenant’s land line or his mobile phone, or one after the other.

If the tenant gets the call on his mobile phone, the outside camera will show him the video feed from the front door. A certain button sequence entered in the tenant’s phone will then release the door.

The LED display serves to display to the visitor the progress of his call.

The small size and robust allure of the outside intercom keypad put paid to the vandalism concern. The absence of any wiring, combined with the absence of expensive video intercom handsets allayed any fears over costs.

To be fair, a GSM intercom can be much cheaper than a traditional wired one, but there are monthly line rental and telephone call costs.

Also, the list of the tenants’ telephone numbers needs to be administered and programmed in to the keypad (this can be done from remote).

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