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Residential Customers

Metrolocks, the locksmith of choice for Residential Clients.

Residential Clients

What residential customers value highly, when they deal with us:

  • Fast response in emergencies
  • A meaningful, knowledgeable and informative telephone chat prior to call-out
  • Metrolocks simply employ good locksmiths – that’s half the battle
  • The locksmith does what’s required, no unnecessary extras at extra cost
  • We provide complete costings upfront, not just hourly charges or call-out rates
  • 24/7 availability
  • Our locksmiths stick to appointment times
  • A strong bias for cost-effectiveness and value


Case Study 1:

This one day in January turned into a peculiar day for Metrolocks: We fielded 7 cases of people accidentally leaving the key stuck on the inside of their main door when leaving.

With many Banham locks and with uPVC doors, this then prevents the user upon his return from inserting the key fully into the keyhole.

7 people thus found themselves locked out on that day. A Metrolocks arrived in each case and opened the door by reaching behind the door and pulling the handle of the door to open it, without any damage to the lock.


Case Study 2:

An elderly lady had lost a set of her keys and wanted the locks changed, in order to feel safe again. She had 2 locks on the front door and 3 rear doors.

Her main problem was a financial one, she needed the locksmith call-out done on a budget.

The Metrolocks engineer in the end suggested to just replace the locks on the front, and simply leave a key permanently stuck in each of the rear doors. That would then prevent anyone from putting a key in to any of the rear doors.

While the rear door solution was far from perfect for various technical reasons, it did allow the client the requested relief on the budget front.

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Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor

Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor
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Vetted and accredited by Constructionline
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Member of ALOA Locksmiths' Assoc.
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