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Other Organisations

Metrolocks, the locksmith of choice for most organisations

What most organisations value highly, when they deal with us:

  • We simply employ good locksmiths. That’s half the battle. And they’re friendly
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable telephone staff
  • Availability 24/7 throughout Greater London
  • Excellent reporting back from site, you’ll always know what’s going on
  • Our locally based engineers are available very quickly
  • A strong bias for cost-effectiveness and value, good in these austere times


Case Study:

The board-room of this oil exploration company had a little annexe, for a coffee machine, cups, plates, cutlery – and a relatively basic range of spirits.

The board meetings tended to be sober affairs, most of the time. Alas, the slow, but consistent depletion of the spirit levels did not reflect that sobriety.

It was therefore decided to add a little digital lock to that door, the code for which was to be known only to the chief’s assistant.

The company asked Metrolocks to fit this lock. It demanded great care, due to the beautiful veneer on the door.

Lo and behold, the spirit depletion stopped thereafter.

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Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor

Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor
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Vetted and accredited by Constructionline
Member of ALOA Locksmiths' Assoc.

Member of ALOA Locksmiths' Assoc.
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