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Metrolocks, the locksmith of choice for the NHS

What the NHS values highly in its dealings with Metrolocks:

  • Innovative locking solutions
  • Attention to detail, attentive service even with small jobs
  • We simply employ good locksmiths. NHS jobs can be demanding
  • Out-of-hours availability
  • NHS work can involve tailor-making. We’re good at that
  • We are able to orchestrate big jobs
  • Our locksmiths are friendly and well able to work with the general public
  • A strong bias for cost-effectiveness and value, good for austere times


Case Study 1:

This primary care hospital was in charge of a total of 26 local surgeries, special practices and admin/storage premises. All these buildings had a utility area, to which access was frequently required for workmen, electricians, plumbers and others.

Instructing the surgery staff to open the doors for the tradesmen was tricky, as the surgery staff was frequently too busy to stick to the arranged appointments. In other instances, the correct keys simply could not be located.

The hospital’s premises manager decided to ask Metrolocks to install a masterkey system to all the utility rooms. A tradesman en route to a call-out would have to pick up and return to the hospital a key for the the part of the building he was to work in.

Metrolocks still provides spare keys and new cylinders for this suite.

Case Study 2:

For years, this clinic had allowed its cycling staff to store their bikes in a little annex area. Lately, more and more staff elected to commute by bike.

The annex became too cramped. The clinic’s premises management decided to install a bicycle rack in the gap between the annex and the main building.

That area was to be secured with a large steel gate and a digital lock. Within a week, the hospital and Metrolocks had agreed a design for the gate, and a week later it was fitted.

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