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Care Homes

Metrolocks, the locksmith of choice for Care Homes.

Care Homes

What care homes value highly, when they deal with us:

  • Our locksmiths are compassionate, friendly and caring
  • Innovative access/egress control solutions for your main door
  • Wirefree access control solutions (solutions that work)
  • Our locksmiths are trained to work in the presence of members of the public
  • Masterkey systems built up and installed at short notice
  • A strong bias for cost-effectiveness and value


Case Study 1:

The unthinkable had happened: The masterkey was nowhere to be found.

It wasn’t in that much use anyway: most residents’ doors were open most of the time, but the masterkey gave easy access to some secure cabinets and to a storage room for residents’ belongings.

Had it been stolen? Had it just been mislaid? The uncertainty was hard to bear. After an impromptu board meeting, it was decided to replace the mastersuite.

Metrolocks won the order due to a fast turnaround and a good price. We suggested they keep the locks of the old masterkey suite in a safe place. Who knows, having a spare masterkey suite ready might come in handy one day.


Case Study 2:

As is common in care homes, this particular one had a problem with some of their mainly bedbound residents suddenly walking out of the main door.

A front door in a care home needs to allow for easy egress in case of an emergency, but residents should not necessarily be able to simply walk out.

We installed a door alarm, that would go off every time the door was opened. The alarm would then notify the care home staff, that someone was on the way out.

So as to avoid the alarm going off upon entry or exit of staff, we added a little key switch on both sides of the door. Staff would turn the key in the switch before leaving, so as to disable the exit alarm.

It took the care home staff about a day to get used to this new system, but there have apparently been no further incidents of absconding residents.

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