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Buyers of Keys in Bulk

Metrolocks, the locksmith of choice for when you need large and very large amounts of keys made.


Buyers of Keys in Bulk

What bulk key buyers value highly, when they deal with us:

  • Our key asset is, that we have successfully done this before on a number of occasions
  1. Keys for competitions
  2. Keys for large scale treasure hunts
  3. Keys for industrial equipment
  4. Keys for vehicles
  5. Keys for marketing campaigns
  • We have the infrastructure and the experience to turn large orders around quickly


Case Study 1

A chain of supermarkets was looking to establish mobility scooter clubs at its outlets. Disabled repeat shoppers would no longer have to queue at a service desk to ask for a scooter key, they would simply be given a key each, to permanently keep.

All locks on all mobility scooters worked on the same key.

The chain put out to tender an order for 15’000 identical keys, to operate the scooters up and down the country.

Metrolocks won the tender, mainly because we could credibly demonstrate our ability to master the logistics of fabricating, counting and packaging such a substantial amount of keys.

Lastly, keen pricing helped, as well as being able to turn the order around quickly.

Case Study 2

A manufacturer of consumer goods wanted to entice consumers to visit their stand at a large fair.

The plan was to mail a key to a large list of consumers, with a promotional message about a treasure chest this key might open at the fair.

Among the 12000 keys they mailed out were 50, which would actually open the treasure chest. The remaining keys would go in to the key hole, but would not turn.

Metrolocks won the order simply by being able to credibly prove, that the logistical and technical aspects of such an order were easily within our reach.

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