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Building Managers

Metrolocks – the locksmith of choice for Building Managers

Building managers rarely answer their phones, managing a building tends to be stressful. Everybody needs you, all problems are urgent, tenants, contractors, the building’s owners and one’s own superiors want their share of your attention.
Building managers may well have their own multi-skilled staff. They tend to take care of all basic problems.
They will therefore subcontract at best only the trickier tasks they face.
For a locksmith this means, that you better be a good locksmith, because you are unlikely to face an easy problem, when the facilities manager calls.
Building Managers Office Block
What building managers value highly, when they deal with us:

  • Metrolocks simply employ good locksmiths – that’s half the battle
  • The reporting back to you from the job site is very conscientious, fast and detailed
  • Metrolocks engineers are presentable and friendly
  • We excel at specialist tasks, large doors, complicated locking and access control arrangements
  • We specialise in the provision of hard to get high security keys and lots of office furniture keys
  • A method statement and risk assessment can be on your desk at short notice
  • Detailed door surveys for large numbers of doors help prevent tenant unhappiness
  • Metrolocks is available anywhere in Greater London and beyond – at short to very short notice
  • A strong bias for cost-effectiveness and value


Case Study:

This particular lady was employed to manage a large London office block. Office blocks engender enormous amounts of locksmith work.

Her requirements in 2014 so far were indeed multi-facetted:

  1. Masterkey suites, extend old ones, supply and install new ones
  2. Provide office furniture keys
  3. Fit access control gear to various areas
  4. Develop intricate solutions to secure roof hatches
  5. Survey 234 doors, with a view to preempt any health and safety issues
  6. Develop a car park access control solution
  7. Supply and install digital locks

According to her, our key factors of success were:

  1. The delivery of good locksmith work
  2. Timely reporting to her about the status of each job
  3. Be nimble, be quick
  4. A deep respect for health and safety considerations
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Vetted and accredited by Safecontractor
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