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Access & Security in Care Situations

Over the years, Metrolocks has developed a strong grounding in the care and old age sector.  We work for various departments of numerous Greater London Councils, we assist in post hospital situations, mental health warrants, community housing issues, we work with the councils’ carers and clients. Key factors of success are:   1) Punctuality 2) The friendly gentleness of our staff 3) Our locksmithing skills 4) Our availibility 5) Our well-oiled back office   The NHS, housing associations, nursing homes, assisted living organisations, abuse rehab centres, hospices and countless other institutions from the care and old age sector are using our services in the meanwhile, for the very same reasons.   Out of all the products we supply and install, the best selling ones are listed below:

• Electronic door viewer

Door Viewer

Selling point:

Never worry who is outside your door. A live video screen shows you who’s outside.

• Latchlock with extra large easy-grip handle

Union Easigrip Latchlock

Selling point:

Easy door opening, in spite of arthritic hands

• Era intercom system, with a wireless handset

Era Locca Wireless Intercom

Selling point:

Speak to your visitors from your fully mobile transportable intercom handset

• Supra key safe

Supra Key Safe

Selling point:

The key safe is mounted to the outside doorframe, carers and other visitors can withdraw keys for the premises, if they have the code for the safelock.

• Install security locks with patented and copy protected keys

Selling point:

Family members, carers, workmen are unable to secretly copy keys for the owner’s door. Copy protected keys also convey an overall sense of security.

• Key Turner

Key Turner

Selling point:

Makes it easy for arthritic hands to turn a key

• Install a digital lock


Selling point:

No helpers or family members will need to have a key, the code is enough to open the door.

• Small home safe

Yale Home Safe

Selling point:

Lock valuables away, when carers or others visit your home

• Pull handles in numerous sizes

Pull Handles

Selling point:

Enhances the safety of moving around in cases, where the tenant is frail or movement-challenged.

A door-operator

Door Opener Automatic

Selling point:

A detector will sense the user approaching the door and will then open it automatically, and shut it after the user has gone through.

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